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How can i be safe on internet?

5/29/2017 1:59:23 AM

Manash Jyoti

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1) Don't store passwords in any browser, clear cache regularly 2) Stay upto date with premium antivirus and anti-malware (block secreat installation) 3) Setup firewall rules to softwares which you feel insecure 4) Install anti-spware client 5) Use OTP security while logging into any site 6) Decrypt harddrives ( better to have back up in cloud) No security softwares will protect you 100% If you are in high threat environments then Use linux operating system (linux is 99% safe from viruses and malwares)


do your browsing within a virtual environment


Make yourself anonymous.


@shubham Patil you have an outdated vision of linux. It's like describing windows 10 using MS-DOS as a reference. I'm a normal user and I use Mint/Ubuntu without issues. I have been a windows user and I would definitely opt for linux specially in an office environment because of its improved stability, productivity possibilities and reduced costs.


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Maruthi M. B IF you are in high threat environment then use Linux OS Explaining why it is 95% safe As you know Linux works on CLI (command line interface) so you have to type a command to do anything in you pc so there are very less people using this OS( because it is made especially for hackers not for office work) so because of very less people are using it so very less viruses, malware and torjans are developed that's why is is safe But if you are normal user then there is no use of Linux for you


you are not 100 % safe on Internet To be safe on Internet you have to know how hackers hack their victim 1. vulnerability 2. Permission If there any vulnerability in your system then your system can get hacked If you have given permission to application having malicious codes then your system can get hacked How to be safe? Check Updates for your system to remove some vulnerability Read which permission an application is asking for And never download applications from untrusted source I hope it will help you to be safe on Internet


I was taking about kali Linux I am also new