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Mobile-first approach good or bad, while developing a website?

Let me know your opinion about this approach. Personally i think it as a necessary hassle. As it creates a lot more difficulty while creating a simple website but can't neglect all those mobile users. So what do you think, web developer should go by this approach or not, if not than in which case?

5/28/2017 2:49:59 PM

Ram chandra Giri

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Surely, develop a website without take in consideration the mobile is easier, but ( as many statistics has reported) in the next years there will be an increasement of mobile users, so... it is necessary adapt our way to solve a problem with the technology evolution. What i will do? Naturally, PC first, because is easier, but if mobile devices will be increased of many more than now, every single professionist will have to adapt their thinking to new tecnologies. :) I made a simple code some time ago related to this approach!


I think the smartest way to go is with RULE #1 OF RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN (RWD): ● We design for screen sizes, not for devices ● For instance, we design for a small screen, NOT for a phone screen. We don't know what devices people will be using a year from now (smart: fridges, cars, glasses, phones, fridges, mirrors??) BUT we do know there will always be small and large screens. So I'd say: Media queries ~ RWD-first.


I think with the way mobile is going, if the mobile-first approach isn't being used then you will most definitely miss out on connecting with a large number of people. Even if your website is about a non-mobile product such as a pc game for an example. Many users may have lost interest or found a similar product from a competitor, just because they were able to look at your competitors site. Also a lot of people (my self included) don't have the time or desire to surf the web. Personally I only have time now a days to look at sites when I'm waiting in line somewhere or when I'm using public transit. I'm sure there is a lot of peeps under similar circumstances as myself!


@Pαolα I'm with you all the way with responsive web design! It's great cause RWD adapts to any screen size and it doesn't require you to build multiple sites for small and large devices.


Depend on what website. Some news, blog, or any information based web should be focus on mobile first, because the user shifted from pc to mobile. while full scale webgame, tutorial in coding, or any web that need big screen and keyboard should balance the out put for pc and mobile eventhough the experience in mobile web is less compared to pc.


For me, i develop mobile-first websites unless the client does not require/want compatibilty with mobile browsers. Remember that most visits are from mobile devices, so try always to consider mobile-first.


95% of you are confused maybe lack of info maybe this will help first


bootstrap is the answer


what matters is screens, not devices..


Omni-Adjustable IS the way to go imo. Even among pc users theres too much variation in screen sizes...Add the impending tide of mobile users to that and you have to design a page that has to adjust to ANY and ALL user screens.


@Jakub Mizinski, @arararararrararararararara I think you both should " Google 'mobile first' " because neither one of you understand the question.


mobile first approach isnt a bad idea.... but the factor that determines such decision will be your content and audience. Thank you :-)


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Well look at it this way all android users can now develop their own websites yes it will take a little bit more effort but at least were not left in the dark while developing code


100% mobile first approach is the better way to go


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In my view good.


Doesnt a responsive layout cater for every screen


Totally go for mobile first every time. Search engines like Google are likely to penalise non mobile friendly sites in mobile search results, so it'll hit your traffic, and even if mobile customers do visit they won't be as likely to stick around to consume your content, so you won't get those conversions. Think about it, you're not building websites for you to look at, you're building them to make money, which means maximising traffic. Not catering for mobile will mean you either miss out on this traffic to some degree, or you end up redesigning the whole thing again using bootstrap like you should have done in the first place, or worse still, creating a whole new mobile site which needs updating and maintaining separately. Any prospective clients will want to get a share of the mobile traffic, so would you really want to include a site that's not responsive in your portfolio?