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JavaScript libraries

I bored from normal JavaScript. Could you give me advice about JavaScript libraries. If you have time Could you explain some libraries Thank you 😊😊

5/27/2017 9:08:38 PM

Serhat Merak

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A CSS pre processor is something like SASS, Bootstrap is a framework at 100% and it can use SASS, so... if with "CSS Pre Processor Compatibility" you mean that Bootstrap is compatible with them, it's right... but for describe it i'd prefer use the "framework" word. :3 (Framework with predefined classes ready to use =^=)


angular.js (MVC) boostrap.js (CSS pre processor compatibilty) jquery.js (Easy DOM manipulation) ember.js react.js (MVC) (Package for Games) three.js (3D visualisation) cannon.js (3D collision) pixi.js (2D WebGL Engine) matter.js (2D physics engine)


How would you describe the library? (CSS Pre Processor compatiblity) Like that?


Bootstrap is mostly css rules for predefined classes, so i would rather say it is css library.


For me library is set of rules / functions / shortcodes to do things easier and faster. edit: I'm not that good with those terms so Idk what that means (css pre....), also full name of bootstrap is twitter bootstrap, not bootstrap.js.


p5js general purpose easy to use library https// tutorials here:


Yes i mean like: "SASS compatible" They are all frameworks:D


Thank you everybody :)


This are java script framework