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Color codes and names

a hint to all quizz creators... dear creators, when referring to named colors, please stick to their exact rgb values, I.e.: white is #FFFFFF, black is #000000, red is #FF0000, green is #00FF00, blue is #0000FF and so on. Everything else are shades and even if #10FF01 appears green, it is not..., it's a shade of green with a bit of red and blue in it. 😉😉😉

5/26/2017 7:04:06 PM

Nikolay Nachev

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Either the question should be changed to "#10FF01 looks similar to..." or exact values should be used.


And #ff0 is yellow, the first f is red, the second is green and 0 is blue. so 100%red + 100% green + 0%blue gives 100%yellow


So true, i encounter it three times in challenge yesterday.


I just encountered the question in a challenge with Nikolay Sir


when i see nikolay nachev like your answer me go into shock 😁😁


@krishna sir !yes u r right


yes its true @nikolay sir


I exactly agree with you, Nikolay and Krishna. Also, those who do not have proper knowledge of hexadecimal numbers might find it yet harder.