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Does SoloLearn will stay with these 12 programs?

Or will it brings more lesson in the future, Why did they chose these 12 programs over the others out there because there's so many of them, How did soloLearn makes money when we use the platform?

5/26/2017 4:36:19 AM

Myji Star

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0) There will be more lessons in the future. 1)


The only thing that will stay is the fact that everything one day will change, even the number of programs.


obviously new courses will be added nothing stays the same forever (unless u own a Nokia 3310)


hi everyone new here learning python very new dont know how to code which book should I buy please help


there are already new lesson's until HTML "how to create a blog"


Do you think technology will remain the same as of now ?


how to beginner improve programming