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Frontend vs. Backend

To understand the Basic Programming easily, it's best to learn Javascript first. Cause, it doesn't need any compiler to compile the code. Just write the code in text editor & run it via Browsers. ^_^ - But.. Learn HTML + CSS properly first.. then.. you will have fun working with Javascript to manupulate them. - in my opinion: Client Side (Front-end) - First Server Side (Back-end) - Second - What do you think? Thank you ^_^

5/22/2017 9:27:26 PM


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I think we should : 1.Think what exectly we want to do. 2.Google up or ask people which language can handle it. 3.Google if you have choise. 4.Learn it. Your thing covers only basics of web. buut yep. html=>css=>js||php=>...


Yes I agree with you.