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Spam account ! please report He has been creating the same codes again and again all liked with the same six id's . Surprisingly all the codes got on trending . Please report .

5/18/2017 3:47:10 PM


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This is the kind of dank shat around here... Someone please notify HQ and have all accounts removed.


Shamima Yasmin reacted as "haha" -_- Edit: why has he printed his message as error message (System.err.println), btw? 😕😓


@Michael These kind of People are really stupid (^_-) waste this much time to make different account as if they will get money for the likes (︶^︶)


What a total waste of time (his I mean)


They are just wasting their time. Its like they do not understand that SL is for learning.


Makes my first html code on SL look good. I added to it recently, but, not much is different.


Oh man....this is truly pathetic.