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No question, just learned, it's have fun !

you can make money from programs language thanks a lot SoloLearn..!

5/18/2017 5:57:43 AM

Iang Agust Widiarto

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Thx for sharing your excitement! Did you actually make money from knowledge you gained only at SoloLearn?


@Iang Too late, I earn my money with coding :D


yes I am, I am working on webbuilder company events thought private company they take a lot of money Madame


for one apps or server it's around $5000-7000 US for 3 months project only


just take a look India people, there are get $5000US/ month from google for participants only


please Madame, do not money oriented for everything, just learn n practiced money will follow you..


too late..?? that's good for you, than why you asking for.?