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Front end or Back end ? And what is the difference ?

What courses will i take if i want to be a web designer ? Plsss. add some additional information about that language.

5/18/2017 5:04:40 AM

Mateo Do

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To be a web designer, you need : HTML : CSS : JavaScript : and some server sided languages...


Oh yeah ,,UP is a good movie with that old guy,dog,wife. 😊 Google may help you for this.You can get results without upvotes.These are one of the most indexed queries in google results Front:html5,css3,js ,SASS etc Responsive design:bootstrap,django Library:jquery Back:php,c++ Database:mysql


@coDEniNjA your a true friend ☺ thanks for the advice Dude ... your a good commentor you deserve to be followed haha


I develop full stack with html, css, javascript. You could learn other languages, but with nodejs you can have javascript on both sides


@Dayve what are the languages of a server-side languages .. ? P.S - I really appreciate that THANK YOU


@BenoitRanque ... thank you very much but whats the use of Node.js in web designing ?


you can use a lot of languages in back end. some of the most popular include php and java. I like to use javascript on the back end. That way it is only one language on both sides.


nodejs allows you to use javascript on the server. so maybe comunicate with a database. log a user in. make sure they have permission to do what they want to do. etc. use google.


Here is my answers for you: Front end or Back end ? 1- If you will work as a single developer who will do every thing from scratch (Design/Develop/Algorithms/Data management/WebServices ect..) you need to learn and be good in both. 2- If you will just be responsible for the look and feel of the web site you need to learn css/html/javascript . what is the difference ? Front end : everything involved with what the user sees, including design and some languages like HTML and CSS at client site. Back end: developers are mostly worried about things like security, structure and content management at server side.


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