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https://code.sololearn.com/WmLug6y55Spc/?ref=app Check it out, do notify me when you modify it with your ideas because I would like to learn from you too. I'm awaiting for your suggestions. Note: I dont obfuscate my codes, all of us shall learn together.

5/17/2017 2:55:32 PM


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@seamki, I agree but I'm practising JS. This is only for educational purposes and the obfuscation can be easily bypassed. This would prevent a code from being copied without the owner's credits being stolen. Code's owner can explain how his code works so that someone else can understand it. Although, my point is that obfuscation prevents your code from being copied. (: Peace ✌ [EDITED] Here is the Deobfuscator: https://code.sololearn.com/W27lHFOJesYW/?ref=app


Nice effort, but what will my code be worth on SL after I obfuscate it? I can see already many xp seekers copy-pasting from codepen and obfuscating the source to "make it theirs". In the end, who will lose from this approach? The true SoloLearner who wanted to learn something from that code.


a good 2 mins article on obfuscation uses in JavaScript “Obfuscation — What is Obfuscation in Javascript? Why Obfuscation is used?” https://codeburst.io/obfuscation-what-is-obfuscation-in-javascript-why-obfuscation-is-used-f6a5f5bcf022


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