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Why does nearly every answer get upvotes?

Even the most repetitive answers, even off-topic questions, even irrelevant comments, and even completely incoherent drivel. They all get an upvote, *sometimes more*. I'm new here and don't purport to understand the finer points of "how things work around here" but I think on-topic threads should illicit on-topic responses. I know bad responses are unavoidable, but to upvote them!? Does one climb the leaderboard posting "Banana banana banana" everywhere then?

5/17/2017 10:03:45 AM


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As far as I am concerned, cookies work better than bananas.


hahah...banana banana banana


💫that's a good one [email protected] since U are saying that U are new here .....therefore U don't know about all this stuff .......but just stay here for at least 2 months ......u will be able to answer your question yourself........💫


lets test your theory out: Banana Banana Banana


meh. Likestorms can be annoying too. I personally do not give a rats about xp. I am here to learn. But I do get your point Jamie. They give a false impression on a given response. edit: likestorm involves blindly liking anything anyone posts. reading be damned


I sincerely hope so. SE have strict rules, but they can be too strict. I was hoping for a logical balance.


Maybe the person who answered is the one who is upvoting it. HAHA.


@Sabrina.. so much this happens!


you can look up who did the upvote! it happens that there comes a likestorm over you!