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How do you beat Nikolay Nachev?

if you have had the privilege to be on the winning side against this guru? How did you do it?

5/16/2017 7:42:15 PM

Saintdc Reward

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You Will Win If You Score 5 And Nikolay Sir Did a type Mistake


Just. Don't. I wanna now what happens when he reaches 100k xp ^^


You... Can't. Unless you are a dev. then you can just cheat. But otherwise, don't even consider trying. 😎


I'm not sure if he was having problems with his phone battery going out or maybe thumb slips, i used to see a fair amount of fours on his page even as recently as a month ago so he definitely is human (perhaps he was legitimately stumped by new questions or just fatigued, eyestrained from looking at the same ones) but i hate to say it that lately he's really perfected his game


No way to actually beat @Nikolay unless he slips up. Or you go for a draw, which is close to impossible. So only chance is to keep learning and someday you just might stand toe-to-toe with him☺


@Terminator well, I don't see such mistakes coming anytime soon. lol.


You don't. Just focus on improving yourself.


I Never Won against Him I can't say a thing. I think if he reaches 100k xp and there is nothing left to chase after, I think he will just be like other sololeaners.


Nope ... you can always draw with him because limit is 5 right answers. and this dude always bang on target. .. 5 out of 5 ! no margin for errors....


I've gone like 10 challenges with him using HTML, only one wasn't a draw...well, you know what it was. lol. Big respect to him, will humbly learn my way to the heights where he has reached, and hopefully do better.


@Reward yah.. he is really good and he know ins and out of programming over all. he is sort of inspiration for me and hope for everyone else as well.


I don't intend to...He is one of my favourite inspirations here on SoloLearn. He motivates me always and I'm dying to see what happens when he reaches 100k too.