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SoloLearn Advanced !

do you want advanced modules for SoloLearn courses ?

5/15/2017 1:28:13 AM

Anibal Lopes

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yeah. That would be great!๐Ÿ˜Š But not sure SoloLearn will have advanced modules๐Ÿ˜•


@Setiawan "many". is โ‰ˆ5mil "many"?


@Daemo: I agree. I think thier aim is to get you into the habit of self-learning thus the name sololearn. But sure. If they released advanced courses I would be very grateful


Yes, If not at this time possible people can already create advanced Q/A


i hear from someone that Sololearn will make paid version for advanced Courses once they have many user.


Sololearn should create an intermediary level for each course after members are complete with the fundamentals/tutorials - Give it a chance? @Sololearn


yes, but I do not think that is the aim of sololearn


I think that courses need the same level of knowledge of the challenges


@Illusive Man i mean the active user. after few days here , i observed that only hundreds user that active. even many platinum member are not active.



Well, what is the link for advanced course, if there is not advanced courses, I will just go to,, so be quick... Where is the link