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Course master badge is diasappointing

managed to complete 10 courses and unlocked the badge but just got 100xp :(

5/12/2017 12:11:47 PM

manoj katari

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@manoj I wanted to tell you the other xp for the badges, so you won't be disappointed when you gain the next badge ^^ And I will ask Ram to add course master badge, thx for the information.


See the XP for all badges


now you must be happy for illuminator badge..i just helped in that a little.😊


@manoj big bro..that illuminator badge is so awesome...when i got it a couple of days before i was shocked to see a whopping increase in xp (1000xp 😋).. good luck.


You're welcome ^^


@nitin : thanks bro..:) spontaneous reply from you for the like storm ...just loved it


@tashi thanks for the help


@tashi : it doesn't show for course master badge.. it says "waiting"