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HTML scripting tool

what shoold you use while scripting in HTML: JS PHP Both?

5/12/2017 9:22:54 AM

Rihab Chakroun

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I hope that this answer will be the final answer for the next questions like this, no offense... but please use the "Search Button" in the top of your Q&A... search your question for keyword before to posting here. HTML = Markup Language, manage the content CSS = Stylesheet, for make more "cute" your webpage Javascript = Interactive Webpage, with Javascript you can (for example) create a sidebare with "toggle-menu", or... create animations and more... PHP - Server Side language, you can use it (for example) for create a chat, a dinamic sidebar, a dinamic footer, a dinamic webpage... PHP = Dynamism. MySql - Database. ^ There are many ways for work "Server Side" without PHP, you can choice what you want to use: Node.js ~ Javascript Framework... yes, it works on server. 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 [ . . . ]


Thank you very much i'm still new so i'm exploring the sides of every language ^_^