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Effects of getting downvote

i am a novice and was wondering what happens when our response or code is unliked, do we loose xp ? and yes, please don't start to hit dislike to show me what happens practically. thank u

5/8/2017 5:14:59 PM


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No, your xps keep untouched But is not a good sign You can be reported Probably need to rethink the purpose of the tool you are using, example: questions and answers is for programming issues and related questions


thanks @Claudio for informing


thanks @NimWing for ur answer an upvote from me


#theone : for your question an upvote 👍


Here downvotes and effects if you are interested in effects of getting downvote https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/375444/?ref=app


If Marked As Best Answer Get Disliked Than He/She Loose XP ( I Know My English Is Weak )




Apart from getting depressed, balding from the stress and curling up in a corner for an entire month wishing to die because somebody I'll never know in real life downvoted me, I take it quite well.


@theone you welcome 😀