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Why kids shoud learn to code?

and what age is best to get them started?

5/7/2017 8:11:17 AM

Osama Ibrahim

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Knowing me, I'd say as young as possible. :> Still, age doesn't really matter when it comes to programming.


Easier to start when you are young. learning programming language is like learning foreign language.


Why? Many reasons. But, I would say it helps to sharpen thinking very well. Age? System.out.println("<=7"); ^^-^^


Everything is technological now. Coding has become the life itself. This is why children have to learn coding.and I started at 10.


learning to code would be like anything, show them it at any age and see if they are interested. if they aren't, try again a little later with something simpler or in a way related to something they are interested in.. or show them how programming can solve an issue they have at the moment


I'd rather they learn how to be financially literate before coding. But that's just me. And they should start before entering a university. If they can be financially independent then by all means kids can learn whatever they want. I just don't want to be the parent with a grown man still living in my basement. tru story.


Yes kids should cause it gives us the power to create i am saying this so kids will nit think coding is boring or hard plz me too i am a kid so you can start coding at any age you just need to focus and have fun.