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What is your dream project in programming?

Everyone​ have a dream project, Mine is an "artificial intelligent robot that can talk and listen" What is yours?

5/4/2017 8:15:39 AM


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Thanks all for the answers, just read all answer. till now, Most of you have a similar dream project like me AI and there are a lot good ideas like AI pentesting app, self programing system, TARS, OS that beats window, etc... Hope that I will get more good answers, and all the best for achieveing you dreams.


Buildup a New Language which Replace the all other Languages. ✌✌


Because my robot can play Sololearn challenges 24 / 7, I will call him Nikolay junior


Alot, damn heres my list: -Build a successful company for making a new Phone OS, that you can edit the functions for yourself -Build a new programming language that would be popular -Build a game -Build an anti-virus software that never reminds you to update itself. -Cooperate in open source projects -Help informing web admins if they have an exploit in their website


To participate in developing a Health Information System that will improve public health in my country 😊


My robot can also walk, sleep and play Sololearn challenges. 😸


create a program that can code by itself


NASA Space Programs writing... #python Or a Developer Windows to edit the coding in the go...#devwindows


Call me a skeptical old fart, but for me, making your dreams come true, means in the first place, to wake up. Please don't get me wrong, I think it would be pretty cool to invent a new programming language or to design THE brand new OS. However, programming is about solving problems and about ideas which can be persistent over time. The better you get in programming, the greater your expertise will become. Only this expertise will allow you to even see the real big issues with existing technology. THAT is the first step and motivation to start writing your own language, or developing your own OS. Also, you will NEVER EVER be able to do such a thing all on your own and all by yourself. Digital means social, this is our zeitgeist!


Creating world most powerful Artificial Intelligence😍😍😍😇😇😇


Build a game or OS


Make a video game that inspires someone else to program


Build my OS and beat Microsoft's Windows


my dream is not something as specific as urs but i want to automate many things.


Iron Man Suit of course . Jarvis they call it.


I want to make a very interactive website along with security of the users logged in with each and every kind of interactivity possible


Build an android app that will focus on kids learning web dev. Free to all students.


To create a virtual world where you can live as the character itself and come in contact with the Npc...To create the TRON


My own website.


I want build my own os for my private server.