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Why my suggestions have status "pending" do long?

quiz factory. i offered.. but every day i see Pending and thats all... anybody know why?

5/3/2017 7:38:36 PM

Nikita Galchenko

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Minimum and Maximum observed approval/decline times for quiz submissions are 1 day and 2 months respectively. Some of my submissions are in pending from a month and a half.


It probably needs more reviews. Don't you agree that it would be unfair to you if only one person reviewed your suggestion, rated it bad and then it gets turned down?


ok,thanks.. i will be waiting


they are right. I think I waited three weeks to get mine declined, which was good by the way, because it gave me time to rethink and rate other quizzes


It will take from two at three weeks before approval. You have to hope and be patient.