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A request to quiz creators

Please focus on testing the knowledge of the language itself (and it's quirks), and not on ability to quickly process simple algebra calculations. Who agrees / disagrees?

4/29/2017 12:51:55 PM

Simon Nadolski

22 Answers

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For sure. But it appears that the only questions that people can think of are math problems... The only thing we can do is dislike them in the quiz factory when they are suggested.


@Krishna sir, That's why many questions submitted in factory are not so useful, I too submitted few question but they were declined with reason- "Too specific questions". I think the course should be expanded in that case.


less math n more syntax


I personally don't mind the math that much, but I hate having to find syntax errors - that's one of the reasons we use IDE' s after all. As for math quizzes there are some really good ones, that require you to look in and find a rational solution, rather than calculating them 😃


Based on Sololearn courses, there are less number of possible language specific questions. If we use concepts not explained in the courses for questions, they will be declined saying "out of scope". For the nth time....., Sololearn should make "challenges" as their agenda for the coming updates.


If only there was a practical way to enforce all beneficial points that has been thrown out here.


@Omar Elbachyr don't worry much about the "above my level" quizzes, they make u stronger as a beginner. That is why when you win those challenges you are given more xp and less xp is subtracted when you lose them.


I agree. I skip those questions when I rate submissions so I don't have to waste time doing mental math.


Right Simon, we loose much of time in maths operation


Agree. * unless the math is needed to demonstrate an understanding of some functionality.


@Krishna, I think the possibility of a brief explanation by the author, about the concept related to his quiz, would enrich yhe quiz factory extending the learning experience beyond its current boundries. When I fail a in a challenge, I usually try to recreate the problem until the solution is clear for me. The process of finding the answer and learning/understanding something better, makes me like the quiz even more. I could see the same happening in the qizz factory.


@Krishna and @Sachin, I completely agree. Moreover, the more advanced questions should be accessible to more advanced users, so beginners are not overwhelmed up front. Sololearn is not the only coding learning tool people use, so blocking out of scope questions will only cause the more advanced learners to abandon Sololearn.


I agree with you all. I think there is "overdose "of arithmetic challenges at the expense of other important programming concepts common to many languages.


If the the questions can be framed such that each level introduces new advanced challenges ,then I believe this can be good and constructive.Otherwise I will ever be seeing similar quizzes like a++/b-- which will mean time wasted doing similar things. Am sure that if the SoloLearn group can spend some time and view some of related suggestions posted by the users,then it will be a big step forward. More and more people will be attracted to join a serious online coding forum.



I agree. Too much math as tests of knowledge, syntax, logic, etc.


yoi r right!!👍


you are right!! _/\_


they used to have a kill the goblin text game but i think they removed i thought it was a cool


One more thing, please don't give quizzes that are over our level. I just started c++ and I find on the screen something I never seen before