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Challenges expiration time.

I know that it's different, but never knew what it's based on.

4/29/2017 7:21:39 AM

Nikolay Nachev

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1 day is 48 hours till challenges expire. Which kinda sucks cause I'm constantly stuck at 'Finish your current challenges before you can do more'. And I'm left with only being able to do a couple per day if ppl accept my challenges😭! Hopefully this gets fixed soon!😢


It's true, 48 hours for me! 😃


I think it's based on level, so that lower level player's challenges expire faster to enable them to do more of them in the same time span. I've seen times from some hours to 1day, but I have a feeling that the longest is 48 hrs...


For me, "expires me in 1 day" takes 48 hours...


for me 48 hours.


@ABADA S - why? Something interesting there?


For me it's 'expires in 1 day'.


OK....? Didn't notice, but will keep an eye on it now. Thx ^^


so what I thought seems to be true. Everything in the range 24h-47h59min shows as 1 day, then it's normal 😃 Quite a long day... Thanks for the answers!


for me its 1 day (48 hours)




@ Dev 799 yes


@Nikolay, if challenge expires, do we still get XP?


@Dev 799 nope no gain no loss 0XP




challenge expired results in 0 xp ??


When I began 2 days, 48 hours but now 1 day, 24 hours :(


I suppose 24hrs is quite enough if you want to develope the interest of going thru yr daily list of challenges.


for me its 24hrs


Didn't noticed but yes the time varies as per different level competitors