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Feature suggestion: School classes

Hi there, I'm a big fan of Sololearn, having just discovered it. Much better than the competition IMO. I was wondering if there were any plans to support its use in schools, similar to what Codecademy has done? I think it would be a great idea, and really engaging for the kids. Are there any other teachers out there who think this would be a good thing?

4/27/2017 1:21:23 PM

Alex Baker

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as a teacher, I told my students to use solo learn instead of games but most of them are not interested. Some of my student use it though.


SL can be helpful in a school setting in my opinion.


This can be a huge step forward. Over here, we're experimenting on bringing programming experience​ to teenagers at the age of 13 to 17. Knowing how SoloLearn works for beginners, it would be a great success if SL tutorials are used in the syllabus/system.


With all the challenges, badges and the entire XP system as a whole, I don't see what it would seem unattractive to young learners. (Unless they aren't interested in programming in the first place)


That's a great idea really liked this so much


SL in school: No! A SL-like approach to teach programming in schools: Yes!


i think we need huge community while learning programming. we just cant learn them in schools. using sololearn is a great idea


They need to improve their Python course though. Some examples there are bad (like using random numbers module in the magic method __len__ [used to determine the length int value of an object] ???) and testing your Python skills with code that is crammed (to make reading difficult) is not the way Python code should ever be presented... even for testing. If you don't believe me, check the comments section of the object-oriented chapters of that course. I'm glad some people explain stuff in their own words in the comments section. Nevertheless, I have learned a lot with SoloLearn and as such I am happy.


My seminar teacher wants to make this feature a thing too. I find this site a lot better than the other sites like Codecademy.