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Im new to this site and I dont really understand how people are finding challenges. Are challenges the section at the bottom of learning languages? Ive seen other posts where people are asking to challenge other users. How do you challenge other users? Can some one kind of explain how to find challenges and how to gain more xp in any language once you've completed all learning modules.

4/23/2017 8:11:09 PM

Ty Ler

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Pretty sure you can't challenge people if you're on PC. Need to be on the phone/android version of SoloLearn. When you're on the app, it's pretty apparent where the challenge section is, right next to the home tab.


@Restoring faith Thank you my faith in this site has been restored. I had no idea the app was different from the website. -.- Ive downloaded the app. Much appreciated :D. Wish challenging people was a little more apparent on how to do so.


Tap the icon that seen a Thunderbolt, tap the plus sign, choose your opponent, have fun! challenges people is important to sum points of XP in SL


Good question. You get xp when you take courses but the bulk of it can be gotten by challenges. Mind you, when you lose challenges you loss xp. You get to lose more xp when you challenge people at lower levels than you, while you lose less when they are at high levels. Conversely, you get more xp when you when higher levels and lower xp when you qhen those at lower lever than you. Getting new badges may also boost you. To know what you have to do to get badges, check what needs to be fulfilled to unlock badges in your profile section.


The website is more suited for coding while the app is suited for challenging. Both are equally good for the courses.


There is no challenges tab on the website, Try downloading the app, then tap the lightning bolt sign and get started


Thanks for your question. As a neewbie, i had the same. And now, i KNOW. Whoopee


There is no option for challenges on this website. So, It's better to download the SoloLearn app from the app store. Hit the zig-zag tab after you open the app and then go and challenge your peers!


can we download sololearn on microsoft?


on the web, there is not any option of taking the challenge like the android app


Thanks Had no idea