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Expired challenges

is it possible to see the correct answers of expired challenges?

4/21/2017 6:09:30 AM


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Yes you can


@Shraddha You're right. Wrong tapping of mine, it was a declined challenge. I deleted my unhelpful answer.


yes this is possible guys, please click on expired challenge and click ' view correct answer'


to learn from my mistakes i'm really interested in such a possibility. thumbs up if you need it too :)


oh, i find out, it is possible. the challenges which are expired are in the challenge list at the time they would started not at the time they expired.


@Tashi- where can i see expired challenges? They just disappear after the count down timer is done. I can see answers to declined challenges but not expired...


Currently its not possible... But i think it should be.


Hmmm I think it can't....


Nope u cant πŸ™