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Hi friends what are the pros and cons of AIDE

can i develop stunning games in AIDE . and earn from it ?

4/20/2017 3:22:39 PM

Joobin Jacob

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Another con: dexing time really long for more than small projects. And yes you can make games with it, it comes with the libgdx library, an OpenGL wrapper for Java.


hello sir , thanks for the response :) but I'm talking about mobile games and Android programming


No, you cant, awt is not available in it. PROS All basic java libraries are available OFFLINE. Thats it, just writing this to make "pro" section comparable to that of "con" section😂 CONS Paid, awt not available(probably bcoz smartphone do not have high graphic and performance support) Scrolling is difficult Best app for java ,only problem for me is scrolling is difficult,It should have been more like Sololearn (wordWrap )


No,you cant make those on AIDE, need a pc for that