Which language out of the below mentioned do you think will survive in the long run?

And also which one do you think will be the first to go extinct?

4/20/2017 11:56:09 AM


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I don't expect C/C++ to die off because there are a lot of things running on those for performance and are even used to implement other languages (like python) even though there are some modern replacements for these languages like Rust or maybe go. Java is basically outdated version of C# and since .NET core is getting more popular there will be no reason to use it in the future unless things drastically change. Also, java looses popularity due to bad stuff Oracle does. Javascript is most used language in the world and there isn't really any competition but maybe something like web assembly will make things more interesting. There are things like typescript but it is not really a jabascript replacement but an extension which makes JS more fun to work with. This message got a bit long lol


@LKBeast Java isn't survive because Java is developed for different purpose and c# for different. also c and c++ will not survive and c is compiled language mostly used for gaming. python is also good because it is easy to learn and can be used on various places.


@valdemar java isn't outdated version of c#. java is actually so much better


those who dont like java actually didn't tried it.


How long? I would say all of them will live a very long time., They all have different use cases and shine in different projects, and are entrenched in a variety of places.


In what way Java is better? ☺️


@valdemar java is better in a way english like code have the most community used for android programming used for web backend used for enterprise app and its gui api javafx is amazing no 1 in popularity high paid job object oriented and support functional programming


Not sure what exactly you mean with english like code Yes, java is popular but what's popular is not always the best Android was pretty much created in such a way that app development would be done with java so can't really do much with that. I heard that people enjoy building apps using Kotlin which is built on JVM(i think), you can also use something like cordova. For game creation on phones c# still can be used via unity or even app development via mono C# is used for both web applications and enterprise applications as are other languages and I am not sure how great javafx actually is but WPF (and even winforms for something quick) are pretty solid You can get high paying jobs with any real programming language It is a fact that c# is both better as an OO language and has better functional programming features but it is cool that java is trying to keep up with c# by introducing streams, but if we would only talk about the programming languages and nothing else, then java currently is simply behind c# (LINQ, await/async, real generics support, operator overloading, and some small syntactic sugar things) but I like enums in java a bit more. Sorry for a long message ☺️


well C,C++,C#,Python...all wrote on the C stack so C is going to be here for a long time yet. Java loses more ground every year. Start ups and new techs are not choosing Java. It is like C, dated but outside of database use for huge projects can be replaced by simpler alternatives.


C i guess(extinct) Java will survive