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Did You Know ??

For Those Who say a Woman Can't Be A Good Programmer First Computer Programmer Was A Lady . #Respect Shared just For GK #Respect

4/20/2017 10:39:42 AM

Terminator ✔️

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Every best programmer were once born from a female they call mother. :>


Loved Your Answer 💓 Hatsy Rei




Ada Lovelace worked with Babbage. Also she was the famous poet Lord Byron's daughter. The programming language ADA is named after her.


Yup. Her name was Ada Lovelace, i think.


My whole life will be enlightened if I ever see a young girl programmer, she knows what shes doin' (just a tip never ask how many semicolons did she lose... shhhhh......😂😂)


Respect Girl. I think so


Nice, what did she make? Kitchen simulator? nah just joking^^Respect for all our beautiful ladies out there.