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Learning the basics of programming?

im learning different languages but i realise i dont understand many concepts of programming as i've never taken any course or similar. Any advice on where to start?

4/19/2017 11:10:33 PM


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Get the book "Head First: Programming" by O'Reilly. You won't regret it.


If you're just beginning, focus only at one language. But first, if you wanna be able to understand general concepts for any language you try to learn, look on youtube for programming logic/algorythms, that will be your base for pretty much anything when learning a different programming language.


1.courses mostly sucks. 2.Just try different sources. If you don't undestand somethin or feel like you need more info->go google or find reference or check video lessons,or...you know... just search more info.Thats all about it.


if you are a newie Python is a good choice. In especial the object oriented programming capabilities


For beginning website developers, start learning HTML. For beginning game developers, start learning Lua, and then Java, C++, etc.