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Which is the powerfull Back end programming language?

There are many prgramming language for back end like Java , Python , Ruby, PhP e.t.c But I want to know which is the most powerful... Can anyone tell me ??

4/19/2017 3:42:59 PM

Aakash Basnet

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I always wonder why no one is ever mentioning JS. Node has evolved enough to allow back-end with JavaScript and I like the idea of front and back end being developed in the same language.




I think it depends on the type of project you are building, but I would say: - Node JS is the fastest (and you are more likely going to use Javascript anyway) - PHP is fast and the most popular (it was meant for web dev and you will find lots of online support) - Python and Ruby are powerful but slower than the other 2


"As of January 2013, PHP was installed on more than 240 million web sites and 2.1 million web servers." -Ide, Andy "PHP just grows and grows" ...


It depends on what you know better for a particular project


I agree with @Nikolay Nachev, Node.JS is powerful Millions of frameworks are downloaded every week, and new library are coming every day ! + If your OK with JavaScript it's not that hard to start


there is no specific answer but php is a great example


since android dominates the mobile world and will do so for years, java has a solid foothold here. and since windows dominates the desktop market c# will be more and more powerful. then there are the low level languages like c++, where most desktop games are developed on. javascript became another option to consider. php is used in WordPress and facebook. the most distributed servers use the linux LAMP stack (Linux-Apache-Php-Mysql). if you want to become a big data analyst go with R or Phyton. i am completely focused on java right know because of android. if you go for iOS, swift is the best option. there were also rumors that android could switch to swift one day. thats not so sure though.


@Burak Usluer vs? Do you mean Visual Studio?? But discussed subject is language (not the IDE).



A noob question i might ne asking, but What's really Backend And Frontend? Please tell me


It depends on what you mean by most powerful. If it means strong ecosystem then Java. If it means most ubiquitous then PHP. If it means rapid development then Ruby... Etc


php ... python... js+node.js ))) and so many frameworks and engines


@Nikolay I agree that Node.js worth mention. I do myself like it in a way person not learned it deep enough could like it. :-) I think it is good for small services back-end and I heard it has a very nice scalability. But we must understand that the idea and the task to have both front-end and back-end in one language is not so important usually. There are often higher priorities/precedence of (for) other requirements such as security (Java), simplicity and easiness of finding/choosing hosting (PHP at most cheap hosting platforms, while for Node.js you would probably have to pay for VPS or VDS), fast prototyping (Python/Ruby), embedding/fusing in Microsoft "ecosytstem" :-) (C#/ASP.net). Update: oh, and I forgot to mention large base of developers used to particular language and available around (last years it was Java definitely, and PHP for smaller projects, and now I see growing base of Python devs)


if you start programming recently : Python else java


PHP is enough


C# is the best of all



Python enough said.


Right now I'm trying to learn Java so I'll have to go with Java then next learning python since everyone keeps speaking upon it.