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When will you guys be adding the challenge feature to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Are you guys still in the process of development or just haven't started yet? Thank you

8/5/2016 2:11:18 AM

Gregory Fernandes

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Hi Gregory, Challenges are coming to other apps soon! So stay tuned for new updates.


and please, be sure to include the answers when you are wrong!


@Timor You didn't have only one.... That's the reason.... ~_~ (creating multiple accounts to upvote your codes == ban)


Good Boy This account was classified as a challenge cheater, if you want to unblock it for various reasons you should email Sololearn. Accounts are not blocked without a reason, if you think it was an accident contact the admins and we'll apologise. (PS : When requesting something try to be more polite with people you dont know, threatening reduces your chances of success and persuation...)


can you pls add the lessons of Java Spring Framework pls?


happy to see your comments here for app improvement : thanks


@Seghma Was it blocked because of inappropriate behaviour perhaps? In that case, You must email Sololearn with a good reason to unblock...


we want challenges in java python .... #sololearn


Роман Кудлатов Your anchors work for me... /:


@SoloLearn waiting challenges #php


who is the developer of solo learn?


please add php challenges..i like other features and the quize factory too..i am a website developer at freelance and i positivly think this app is best for exam tranings for ypung age kids ..actully i am a teenager right now :p


Hi ......👍


why mstar? why you want to hide your rank


It would also benefit beginners as they may challenge higher players, and they could learn from their mistakes


Thanks SoloLearn ☺


hi, are you developer from sololearn?


hi..thanks for this awesome application, I hope you add networking lessons such as CCNA, CCNP, I like this way of learning....


You Seem to Be The Best Person To Ask..... When Is The Kotlin Course been introduced


please add data structure and algorithms