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I heard about this guy who made an algorithm and sold it to Google for millions. Thus, im very curious as to how one makes an algorithm. What is the process of making an algorithm ? From my understanding an algorithm is just a bunch of steps that one can use to get to a certain goal right? but certainly an algorithm in this definition cant go for millions right? So can someone inform me please.

4/18/2017 9:04:17 AM

Mogammad Shameer Losper

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There is a lot of books about algorithms and meta programming, i can not name any English titles by now, but i am sure you can easily find it in Google.


It depends of algorithm complexity. You can develop an algorithm for advanced artificial intelligence for example and earn millions too. But this is not so simple task as it sounds.


I think i want to self study this- algorithms , in its basic and complex nature because it sounds very innovative. Do you perhaps know of any free courses ,online books or sites i can visit to study this?