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Tips for writing a choose your own adventure story?

hey all. I've been working on the storyline for a choose your own adventure story I'd like to write, but I really have nowhere to start. currently, I'm learning Ruby (and I know a decent amount of it) but would there be a better language to write it in? and what are some tricks to make it easier?

4/17/2017 1:17:07 PM

Chris L.

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Ahri Fox has a fair number of these in Python, but if you're into Ruby, go for it. The entertainment value pulls people in, which gets more eyes looking at what you can do with code...and... Copy+paste often only helps you when you take it apart and rebuild it. If you've chosen something different, when you go out to see how 'they' did it, the act of translating means you have to ~understand their way (tear it down), so that you can do it your way (rebuild). It makes you think...and it makes you notice things nobody's tried before. Then at some point the language is just a feature, because you can tell your story anywhere (doesn't mean the finer points of programming can't be part of your story, just that your confidence supports your choice).