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who has the highest badges on sololearn who knows?

4/16/2017 3:20:57 PM


10 Answers

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Most probably Hatsy Rei - 46 badges out of 51.


Some badges are just ridiculous. If I fulfill my aims, I should be max 48. Currently 46 as pointed out by @Krishna.


The next Badge For @Hatsy Rei - Gold moderator (will get in the next four month) - Question guru (since you know a lot, why not posting a Quizz like Cookie Quizz, i'll upvote your question) - Certified tester (hard to get) - Networker (even harder) - Quizz Master (waiting the pending if she submited some)


Duplicate question btw, you should delete one


@Mei knows me well :>


Ace, why so serious 🙊


@hatsy rei i salute congrat


Congratulations Hatsy Rei🙌



Hello friend