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What hardware do you use to code?

Laptop? External monitor/multiple monitors ? Input device? Just your phone?

4/15/2017 9:13:44 AM


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At work = laptop + port replicator + two monitors + keyboard + mouse + stress ball At home = just my phone


@vh yep curious what hardware tools ppl use to program including phone


lots of great answers. thank you. @ John agree the rPi and the zero are amazing machines, very capable. i have a zero, going to try some python on it


laptop + multiple monitors.


Laptop with extension keyboard.


going to have no "best answer" here because there are lots of answers. Thank you all for contributing.



Cellphone(with otg) and laptop.....Wait hardware? Flashdrive cpu ram rom sd-card mouse keyboard wifi-pocket sim-card power-supply usb-cable. Am I right??


hardware type: just good enough for simple programs monitor: cracked 8-bit piece of junk o.s.: you don't want to know... 😄


PC (HDD, 16 GB RAM, hexacore CPU) with two monitors and MacBook pro


Fortunately, there are tones of possibilities and options out there to choose from. Personally, my main platform for coding is a 10 years old PC machine with a CRT monitor. I love it!



Just my phone for Sololearn.


Mostly on PC - Intel i3, 8GB RAM, Dell Touch Screen plus two laptops


A $5 PI zero