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why is this code is not showing the time to it take to finish the process 😒

from urllib.request import urlopen, hashlib import time start_time = time.time() sha1hash = input("Please input the hash to crack.\n>") with open('password_file.txt') as f: LIST_OF_COMMON_PASSWORDS = f.read() for guess in LIST_OF_COMMON_PASSWORDS.split('\n'): hashedGuess = hashlib.sha1(bytes(guess, 'utf-8')).hexdigest() if hashedGuess == sha1hash: print("The password is ", str(guess)) quit() elif hashedGuess != sha1hash: print("Password guess ",str(guess)," does not match, trying next...") print("Password not in database, we'll get them next time.") end_time = time.time() print("Time taken: ", end_time - start_time)

28th Jan 2023, 11:00 PM
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4 Answers
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ANAS IL CAPO It would be easier for people to help you if you give a short description of your code and the expected outputs. Assuming the code runs without errors on your pycharm, my guess would be that the `quit()` statement is causing the program to exit before reaching the end and printing the time taken. Try replacing quit() with `break` to exit the loop but not the program itself.
29th Jan 2023, 1:41 AM
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If you mean on Sololearn, it is because it cannot find the file, so it doesn't run correctly here.
29th Jan 2023, 12:09 AM
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no in pycharm
29th Jan 2023, 12:20 AM
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30th Jan 2023, 3:07 PM
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