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Do you think math or physics are important knowledge for a programmer? Why?

4/14/2017 7:56:26 PM


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I think that... Basics of physics are very important for game developers (Movements of the characters, collision, ...) Math is important for all.


Math for programming is sort of the protein supplement for a bodybuilder. without math you'll suffer from the lack of analysis and problem solving skills. But in case of physics, I can mention to one useful application which is physics simulators in a game physics engine. In terms of math for game programming an extended knowledge of math is needed. such as differential equations ( e.g for engine optimization), analytical geometry (e.g rendering and collision detection), vector and matrix operations ( Part of linear algebra courses e.g camera, transformation , etc)


Both are important In Expert Programer . but Now You can code with any of this.


physics is very important in game development so of you want to create a nice game like tigerball you need to stdy physics


It's not that important but it does help you a lot. You can still do great codes with basic math but I think the word "math" makes people afraid because they think you have to be a genius when it's not true. In my opinion, you need to think logically more than anything and you really just need to know the basics of programing (variables, functions, loops) to create a program.


you can still code without any of those :)


To a certain extend both are needed, though problem solving skill shouls be valued even more. There is always a stackoverflow or Google at your disposal. In the end, it's all up to your willingness to adapt, search and reuse. And no, none can create a medical software or game engine from scratch without internet. Your resourcefulness is all that matters.


This depends on what you plan to do, of course, but generally you can say that computer science IS math. So if you want to go deeper into it to, let's say games or machine learning or something, you'll need math. Stochastics are important in higher algorithmics for example while linear algebra is often used in game development.


For game design all you need is trigonometry and vectors. Anything more complex than that is a waste of time.


just math


The basics are very important in many fields. Some, like computer graphics, require the best knowledge of maths. Others might require advanced knowledge in physics.