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[Suggestions] For upcoming updates

Currently, i don't actually get the results i want on search. As the search is there based on tags, it can be extended to search based on headings/description which will be more relevant in my opinion. Leave your opinions or thoughts on this as well as any other update suggestion which might make Sololearn an even more user friendly app.

4/14/2017 5:45:00 AM

Ashwani Kumar

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There should also be a private message option for the followed ones. Like we do it social networking sites.


There is an profile search option.


https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/157220/?ref=app here's a great suggestion (not in regard to the original post, but a different suggestion) a reference in the comment section to another comment which is then displayed summerized (maybe even clickable so pressing it opens it up). it is very hard to keep track of the comments when there is no reference to another and the post have dozens of comments already submitted a suggestion to SL hopefully we'll be seeing it implemented some day


@Burey Great suggestion, Hope to see this implemented soon.


another suggestion: give mods (or a selected few mods) the power to make sticky posts that stays on top regardless of the filter (Trending/Popular/Recent/....) the Q&A is a mess lately (spammers, every acheivment must be given a post apperantly, and so on...), and mods who are trying to keep it at check should have more power to do so.


@Mr.Robot Found it. It's there in discover peers option. Thanks ✌️☺️


There should be two separate options for reset course and reset challenges for every course.


personal chat's/questions/answers