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JavaScript adding

How do you actually add? because I have this kind of script: var number = window.prompt ("Please Enter a number); var number2 = window.prompt ("Please enter another number"); var sum = number + number2 window.alert (sum) but instead of printing the sum, it just prints the two numbers together. for example, if number and number2 were both equal to 1 instead of saying 2, which is 1+1 it would say 11. I skimmed through the math operators during the lessons, but I couldn't seem to find anything Thanks!

4/13/2017 4:07:32 PM

Dillion Piazza

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this is better. Try like this. var sum = eval(number) + eval(number2);


Try: sum = parseInt(number) + parseInt(number2) It should work for you.


Thank you For Answering Guys :)


if u use just "parseInt" then number just converted to integer. But using "eval" u will be able to add any kind of number such as int, float, double. So, It will be best to use "eval" instead of "parseInt". var sum= eval(num1)+eval(num2);