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Best Text Editor

What is the best text editor software for HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP with the best features? Thanks for the answer.

4/13/2017 4:01:47 PM

Mark Joseph Ailes

10 Answers

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Sublime 3


In my opinion Atom is the best... I love the colours, and also its key shortcuts make my life easier


Notepad++ is enough for Html and CSS. But I use Sublime3 for Web projects(HTML, CSS, JavaScript). But for PHP or Server site(Laravel 5.4) projects I use PhpStorm. And for object oriented programing(C, C++, C#, Python etc) I use Visual Studio. One text editor can not meet all your needs. :)


Some posts for your reference


Visual Studio Code Brackets


notepad or notepad++ ... they are lightweight and work very well for several scripting, markup and programming languages


Windows Notepad


personally, im using Atom and men loooove it 😀😀😉


notepad ++