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Should community downvotes play a key role in reviewing quiz submissions?

Many of our quiz submissions are getting declined due to community downvotes. Those questions are not wrong. Just because they are difficult to answer, they are being downvoted by some. Community downvotes should be considered but, declining correct questions due to that definitely makes us feel sad. We are waiting so long for reviews, right? What is your opinion on this?

4/12/2017 2:49:21 PM

Krishna Teja Yeluripati

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I think the approval and declining of quiz should be done by the Sololearn team and should be irrespective of the downvotes/upvotes of one's who are going to play it. However, to make it fair to everyone, quizzes can then further be divided into three levels based on difficulty of questions.


SoloLearn should make Testers of quiz from the platinum and also moderators


@Geoffrey : You are right. I too feel that difficulty levels in challenges is needed. @$Baalbeck : We don't know that. I saw many questions in challenges which look almost the same but have different answers.


sololearn team should evaluate the submissions along with the community to ensure that the quizzes are rated properly. It helps to ensure that questions are upto standard


Till now, 6 of my quizzes were declined, 4 of them look the same, but in fact each one produces a different result. The question is, do they really test the suggestions or just look at?!


i agree guys , quizzes must split into three level beginner, intermidate, advanced ...people must know what challenge thay are dealing with , take step into levels of knowledge is important thing.


I rarely downvote questions. Prefer to skip doubtful ones.


I think Sololearn could add the feature to categories our quizz inside difficulties levels. That way we could challenge people and choose the difficulty. For example I want to challenge a level 1 with hard Quizz, it can't be done to prevent fake challenges. Only can challenge people with same or higher level using hard. Also it should request people to confirm Quizz AND to confirm the quizz fit the level of the question, not a fake hard...