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Arduino in Sololearn

Sololearn has provided many awesome courses for programming. And, I believe ARDUINO should also be included in Sololearn and no doubt, it would be a sheer fun to learn. Do you agree with me?

4/12/2017 1:55:41 AM


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Yes! Arduino is awesome. Check out the arduino thread. P.S. I love all microcontrollers. They can be used in so many projects!


I wouldn't say you need to learn c++. I think you would be okay without background programming knowledge, because to me it doesn't seem like a high-level language to learn. And it definitely isn't mandatory. I will post more later but have to go now...



Arduino uses a simplified version of C++. Do the SL course and you'll have morr than enough knowledge to tackle Arduino. if you find the C++ course meaningless go ahead, load some Arduino examples and tweak them: you could also use the SL course in parallel with your Arduino exploration. Have fun!


Sorry for not responding, I totally forgot about this thread!! So, yes. If you learn c++, even just the basics as here on sl, you will know more than enough to write arduino. If you don't want to learn a language like c++, you'll be pretty much fine. It's basically, as said before, simplified c++. Don't think it can't do a lot though, it's actually a very capable language and there are lots of awesome projects out there that people have made. Go check some out 👍 If you know basic programming, mostly loops, you're fine.


I agree with Sailesh. Sololearn must include the arduino as a course. It is not about coding, it should be arduino oriented course.


@J.G. Ok. I am looking forward to learn a lot of it after I complete my high school this year. Can you give me some tips? Also, is C++ mandatory to learn for Arduino coding?


@seamiki Thanks for the advice brother.


@J.G. ok. I will be waiting for your posts.