Are you interested in programming video games?

4/11/2017 11:55:16 PM


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Yeah! I'm currently learning Phaser 🙌 and you Claudio?


me too. i use unity


Yes, ofcourse, how about you?


A little. Why do you ask?


@Giannis what kind of game are you interested in. @Ayomide unity uses c# not java. but its similar enough


Yea. I just registered to take a game programming class in high school next year probably using unity and Java.


My game programming classes are going to be start in this August !!! So ofcourse I am interested in it.


@Paola MB Phasers looks very interesting 😃


Yes. Currently, I’m exploring Scratch. :-)


Edward horror, puzzle platformer, metroidvania w/e.


yes that's why I learned programming in the first place. I use unity 3d and c#



yup I'm programming a game currently


yes we do , i love unity cs