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Can you make any money off sololearn?

What are ways you can make money off sololearn? Can you add in-game purchases to your game?

8/14/2022 3:13:50 AM


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You can't make money off sololearn. However the app you started in the playground can be transfered to an actual development environment. You can then add some monetization features and publish your game to Googleplay Store, Apple Store or other. Here is some info for where to start.


You can make money off Sololearn by working for them. See job listings here:


Money off Sololearn means?


OP makes money OFF soloelarn by using soloelarn's advantages to monetize his game OP makes money out of sololearn by working with sololearn Just saying Brian


If your game is so good that people want to play it, why do you need sololearn.


The source code of your game will be revealed in the playground, players can easily alter it and play without paying... So I'd say, NO... You can't make money from such method. If your game must have in-game purchase, that means it's likely not a static game and someone would be connecting to the server to verify purchase.. I'll suggest you host your code on a site that supports the back end language use, then share the link to your game maybe interesting sololearners would try it and possibly pay for more


Responding to Mirielle's point in semantics, another approach is to become a partner investor and hope that Sololearn returns a profit. It looks like most of their investment funding comes through