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where should I upload my files?

I searched this section but couldn't find a good answer. I need a free and reliable host for my media files in order to use them in SL. Now most of them are not free and some just delete files on inactivity or the whole hosting service goes down or don't permit hot-linking. Any suggestions?

8/8/2022 3:03:40 AM


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Tina DropBox is free for limited storage and I think there is no any website which gives you totally free service even Gmail also


Ich pack die gerne in Github rein



Or Google drive.


A͢J dropbox isn't free.


Chris Coder that requires modifications to the url which is not introduced nor documented by Google, therefore not a vise choice.


Yea use a pastebin. Join a community Unix server where you get a webroot and a subdomain as a shell user. Such as tilde.cafe


Quit relying onthe cloud ROFL. But i believe imgurl and other image hosting sites will keep your pics indefinitely. For years I used tinypic.com but theyre gone now


Just solicit irc users for a little bit of webspace