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What is the easiest way to become a moderator?

I've been wondering because Nicolas Nachev isn't yet a moderator but Agus Mei is???😎😐🛄🚺⁉⁉⁉

4/10/2017 12:18:50 PM


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Most of the moderators (especially gold & platinum) have achieved their status without doing it the "easiest" way. If you'd rather take the simplest & the easiest paths when completing a goal or attempting success, chances are that it's going to take much longer than it's worth (if it's even possible). This is especially relevant when speaking about moderatorship. Moderatorship is a responsibility. Effective moderation is not as simple as most people might think. Therefore, by default, the path to moderatorship is also not a simple one. If you're interested in becoming a moderator, search the Q&A forum for tips, etc. If I were to lend some advice, it'd be the following: Don't make too much of an effort to become a moderator, as you may burn yourself out altogether. Over the years, through trial & error, the team has become fairly efficient in regards to the their judgment and recognition of worthy users via noting (unmentioned) key attributes, etc. Just be yourself. If it's meant to be, it will be.


Moderators are selected based on the activity in Q/A Discussions, not on challenges.


Be active in Forum...


Be rational. It's not a common trait in these days.


@Iwan This, this place we are in, is the Discuss section (Q/A section).


Always help other people by answering questions in Q/A discussion.😎


A moderator is a person who moderates community content by doing things like removing spam posts, banning fake accounts or are negative in any other manner and helps others in their queries. One can become a moderator by being active in the Q/A section and reporting inappropriate content. Moderators are chosen by Sololearn's Developers team (As far as I know). For more information ask any of the mods like Hatsy Rei, Dayve, Agus Mei etc. @Hatsy Help him.


@Cyrus @Ahri Same case...It's invisible also to me!😁


@Cyrus Ornob Corraya nope. does anyone else see it?




@Harsh No.


where is that?!?!!


So does rank matters for becoming a moderator?


Its nice to see so many moderators in one place and sharing their insights.


So thats why people gave answers on question 😅 thats what I am thinking that I am not popular that much then also I get so many answers lol 😂


I want to be a mod too


Be Active Be Responsible Be Helpful Be Kind Be Respectful, Also Answer Questions, After You Are Known For That Try To Get A Higher Rank Mod To Notice You, DO NOT BEG TO BE MOD


Thanks for answering mine and many others questions.




THANGARAJU SIBIRAJ Moderators are chosen by those who are previously moderators