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If-else conditional statement problem

Task Given an integer, , perform the following conditional actions: If is odd, print Weird If is even and in the inclusive range of to , print Not Weird If is even and in the inclusive range of to , print Weird If is even and greater than , print Not Weird Input Format A single line containing a positive integer, . Constraints Output Format Print Weird if the number is weird. Otherwise, print Not Weird. This is what i have written so far and i am kind of stuck #!/bin/python import math import os import random import re import sys if __name__ == '__main__': n = int(raw_input().strip()) if n <=

7/18/2022 9:25:43 AM

Nonhle Msomi

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n,c10,c11 = input().split(" ") c10 = int(c10) c11 = int(c11) n = int(n) if n%2 == 0 and n in range(c10,c11+1): print("Weird") elif n%2 == 0 and n not in range(c10,c11+1): print("Not Weird") # elif for n as even with an other range etc. else: print("Weird")


You can use the '%' (modulo) operator. Then for the 'greater than' and such you can use simple 'if value >... :" By the way I do think you can just put n = int(input()) instead of raw_input and strip.


Thank your Arthur Le Floch , I took your advice and managed to get it right. n = int(raw_input().strip()) check = {True: "Not Weird", False: "Weird"} if n <= n: print (check[ n%2 == 0 and ( n in range (2,5) or n > 20) ])


Cool 😎, have a nice day !