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How to get rid of the bordem and overwhelming feeling when starting to code?

I know I have to push through until I can finally code something, but I get bored easily and it's hard to get bored if it's a repetitive thing like coding. I have ADHD btw hehe any motivation?... 🤌

7/4/2022 11:24:47 PM


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Sounds like you're looking for motivation. This question is frequent. Here are a few responses.


I don't think it's repetitive. I think what you call repetitive is just its grammar? Might it be just frustration/overwhelmedness you're talking about, rather than boredom? About the ADHD... if I'm right, you wouldn't want to set too many long term goals.(one at a time) You'd rather get lost and that happens only in the here and now. Immersing yourself in it so much that the myopy can do wonders, sometimes. So, questions that are just hard enough to force you to concentrate are the thing, methinks, as well as codes that are hard enough to have you engaged without overloading you. TBH, I find myself having to repeat some stuff just not to forget, which is the only repetition that's boring to me but it stacks up when I don't do it. Finding different exercises that demand the use of the same bit of knowledge could work.


your point is out of line actually I am a creative problem solver that's my talent I always like solving problems that's in the creative area and tech I have this talent no doubt but coding isn't my in my area because it's like new to be and I know the only way to express my ideas 💡 and make it come, to life is by inventing a product or being inovation and making things better or coding it that's the 3 cooking methods for success I know I find it quite boring if I get confused 😕 and lost but don't we all do? as I look at it most of us didn't just start loving coding they were first overwhelmed but later saw the bigger picture even professional programmers say this. you don't gave me a hearing as I see in your reply if you love it at first that's good for you being bored 🥱 is what comes easily to me but didn't I say I need motivation and not that I don't wanna do it.


yeah bro to be honest I kinda find it fun and exciting wow coding gives me a excitement when I solve Problems or using a uneeded and complicated way to solve a basic problems which gives the brain a muscle boost😜 python seems so easy to be honest, and I wanna be skilled in this common sense language and get started to solve Problems and make games and apps I can't wait


In my opinion, those who actually like and enjoy their jobs, perform much better, and are happier in life. If you hate your work, you will be slow and disinterested, you make mistakes, you don't care about quality. This is bad for everyone, a waste for the employer and an embarrassment for the employee. The world does not need any more bored programmers. If you find it boring, maybe it isn't for you, why don't you try doing something else that you actually enjoy? For me, programming is about solving problems. It is never the same, and there is always something new to learn along the way. I find it infinitely interesting and fun.


LIMO I am sorry if I misunderstood. For me it gives more motivation, if I work on a project that I personally benefit from. It is important to pick a goal, which is challenging enough to keep you from getting bored, but at the same time not too ambitious so you wouldn't give up halfway. And when it's done, you might even be able to use it on a continued basis. As an example, I developed an EDI message parser which extracted data from hundreds of text files, and this helped me with analysis repeatedly, saving me from hours of manual data collection. This was a work related project, but you could also figure out some topic that makes your daily life easier and more fun.