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Why can't I access the pro version?


7/2/2022 3:16:30 PM

Alberto Antonio Segura Pérez

8 Answers

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Mail to sololearn...


Check to see if your phone has the minimum system requirements


What does the error say?


Alberto Antonio Segura Pérez "Oops! Something wen't wrong, we couldn't complete your request" usually happens when the connection between your device and the Sololearn server fails to connect. How are you trying to upgrade? Via the Sololearn app Via Google Playstore Some other system It might be worthwhile to try different options to find a way to connect


Does the problem still persist? Have you contacted [email protected]?


You have to pay for this


it does not let me get it from the application, it gives me an error when loading


oh something went wrong we couldn't complete your request