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How to make sololearn code not editable?

I have posted my code and someone deleted a part of can I make the code not editable.

6/29/2022 4:02:25 PM


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Alex Tusinean, Allowing code locking in a public learning platform like SoloLearn is not cool at all. Ability to make copies, and/or modify any code is one of the ways many people learn, I'm just one of those who does this. If a code was all that important that no copy/modification was allowed to be made, then that code just doesn't belong in public space. It should be kept in some private storage, as a proprietary subject. Or at least, hosted somewhere where the source codes isn't as easily exposed as they are in SoloLearn.


Azlan Noone can edit your code, it might be the issue of Sololearn. Some users are facing this issue (crop code)


If anyone deletes or modify your code then the new code is created to that particular user profile but original code has no effect


Ipang If we have a bad code and we ask about it here, should we keep it private, or would a public code with a link to the discussion suffice? If it does, should we share the link in the code, in the comments, or both?


@Korkunç This is just my own opinion ... If we have a problem with a code, then we can post a question in Q&A Discussion, and have a link to the code attached within our post's Description. This IMO has better chance for quick remedy. Private or public doesn't matter much when we have the link available in the Q&A post. People can access it anyways. If we choose not to post a question in Q&A, then make the code public, as it is the only way the code can be seen in Playground. Embedded comment in code body or a comment attached with the code (only accessible via SoloLearn mobile) can be added to inform code viewers about the problem, in a hope they can clearly understand it and help us out. To have a public code and an accompanying Q&A post interconnected by links *probably* has better chances cause Playground vistors and Q&A Discussion visitors can see them. Bottom line is, don't get discouraged to ask question in Q&A Discussion as long as we follow the guidelines.


🍇 Alex Tușinean 💜 Makeing a code unselectable doesn't make it unable to be copied.




Tbh, it would be a cool idea for an option, when creating a new code, to check a checkbox and make the whole text unselectable and the code unable to be copied. (By others, who are not the author of the code)


Thank you Ipang. So we could also assume that as long as we give the heads up (also for other newbies) by a link, it's alright.