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Help me to solve the 17 code project of kotlin guys

6/27/2022 4:23:27 PM


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[No Name] Outputs are already given in test cases. You have to write a code to get same result. So learn and try to solve problem and show attempts. We cannot provide readymade code otherwise you will never learn programming.


Please post the task description and your code attempt.


I am asking you to post the task description because not everyone has taken the course and will not be able to know what the task is. I also asked for your attempt. We cannot help you if we do not know what the potential bugs may be in your code.


[No Name] You have to show your attempts so we can tell where is problem


Parking free project bro


You are making a car parking software that needs to calculate and output the amount due based on the number of hours the car was parked. The fee is calculated based on the following price structure: - the first 5 hours are billed at $1 per hour. - after that, each hour is billed at $0.5 per hour. - for each 24 hours, there is a flat fee of $15. This means, that, for example, if a car parked for 26 hours, the bill should be 15+(2*0.5) = 16.0, because it was parked for 24 hours plus 2 additional hours. Sample Input: 8 Sample Output: 6.5 Explanation: The first 5 hours are billed at $1/hour, which results in $5. After that, the next 3 hours are billed at $0.5/hour = $1.5. So, the total would be $5+$1.5 = $6.5


What is the output of this program?